Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visions Of Love

Forest of bushes,, a Romantic aroma under an old tree branches shadow, An oasis of pure water in deserts dry land ,, oh a pair of lovebirds swims under m00n light .. Quite pretty sight, what a beautiful nature! How a great God ,, Its love visions ,, Its love tune in music of heart .. In Love music a deaf can listen and touch , love music melt iceberg .. Love
its light shine as stars in darkness.. When i was so little girl , i used to listen my grandma tales, i was listening love stories then loss in sleep and sink in warm dreams..
once grandma told me a story of pertty and beast, she said love got no eyes, Love loses its reason and logic. love touchs heart indeed, Love Sees beauty nothing more else.. But I didnt believe, But I thought my grandma lost her reason . Just When I met you, I lost my eyes' vision . . When I met you I found inner self . . buiral love inside my heart arise alive . . I found myself I can cotrol world but I dont want anything but be with you more . .
I felt When earth move, its move on our heartbeats . . When Sun Shine its reflect shine of our eyes when meets,, Where there is a smile it find a chance give brith on our lips . . Oh I lost in love lake,, its love season ,, its love world . . Its love spell talking . . Sunset burnt skin of Sky . .
Sky smile for us,, Sky give rain and clean dust of past , fall your drops on umbrella above our close faces within minute forget crowd road and sound of falling rain drops,, sound of our heartbeats so clear on our ears. . I lost I need to cry, I need to Smile, I need your love to write our story on every drop of rain and every star sleep at sky . . I dont know why I need to listen your voice all the time . . I dont know why I need to look at your eyes all my time without any bored . . I need to be more close than your heartbeart to you . . Promise me , you love me in this way .. smile I love you .. I love you so true ..

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