Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Or What ?

While I was thinking to write about love, my sight caught them. They were walking togather, his hand around her back, they were laughings as drankers drank at inn for long time. Both of them were around 40 years old. I dont know why she involved in love with him in this helpless way!. their image didnt leave my thoughts, I couldnt write that day any word !. I didnt want to think about it anymore..
Days after while I was standing out my door again same sight, many times again while I was looking through my window. I watched her many time comming to his flat to flirt with him, kissing and you can imagine what at present his wife and both of his daughters and his sons . Sometimes she was comming his flat with her son and other times I saw her company with her daughter. They were behaving as a wife and husband. Somtimes kissing at niehbourhood freely. other times fighting in load voice then hugging and Walking out togather,They were wife and husband look like. Her daughter is almost a woman already , she is 19 year old ! .I wondered for awhile are they fools in love or they feel in love ?. Whatever was what related both of them to each other I dont like it .. I smelt betray with kind of disgrace according to my thinking style. I invistigated about her and her family, she is around 40 , got young son and young daughter, her husband was working along day to make life to her and his family. Whatever her husband wasnt provide to her love as she wanted, Whatever he was careless with her ! Thats a reason to betray him in this age after long marriage life! did she found at that man a replacer to make her beloved and give her body of hear love words Or this what related them is calling love ? .. I didnt give up, I tried to find answers to my asks !. Hence I investigated about him, I asked his wife and family. his wife said to me that he had many girlfriends involved with him before . From here I recognized that man was playful and helpless mamalish love seeker.. Its Desire may be. I can clear it as she found her Needs in him and he found in her what He want !.. From my poor experince in life I can say they arent in love and love never knock their hearts!.. what do you say ?

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