Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IM HAPPY WITHOUT YOU ,, IM GOOD ,, with you and withouT YOU ,, IM GOoD ,,

Our meeting was as a blank in my past ,, you took one year from my TIME ! Oh yeah i found a big baby in your eyes ,, i found in you what i always loved to have ,, you was about to figure out what in my side ,, you have figured out inside me that everlasting baby who try to come out ,, we were perfect to bring our love to this earthy life ,, our dream was to test true love from its widest angles ,, No doubt at Once I believed blindly that you would not be mine and our love would be a baby step toward change love spaces hopelessly ,, i believed that our love will kill us without leaving any mercy on our heartheats .. Oh Yeah You was mine all the time ,, you was guarding me all my time ,, i was for you your everything ,, i was for you what droped you back to life ,, i was for you the ONE you ever dream to meet ,, even all that I was knowing that our love would nOT BRING TO THIS LIFE WHAT OUR HEARTS LOOKED ARGENTLY FOR ,, I WAS BELIEVING OUR LOVE WILL LEAVE TEARs On our eyes and crying for moOn would be HelpLesS .. I didnt believe you .. Yeah I didnt believe your love Thats what saved my heart , yeah thats what made me save myself from say Love Words ,,, I SAVED MYSLELF WELL AT ONCE ,, I WAS READY WELL FOR the momment OF say GOOD BYE to CoME ,, your LOVE WORDS WERE a nightmare visited OUR visions for MANY Nights and Months ,, its was SO kindly to wake up EARLY AND TO FIND OURSELVES SEPARTED BY EARTHY DISTANCE which circled us ,, I CANT BE YOURS AS YOU CANT BE MINE THATS OUR FATE ! I accepeted ALL THAT as you recently did ,, i cant say i was mistake in your life but i can say i mistaked when i believed that you may be can be my ONE ,,, this momment came ,, GOOD BYE FROM MY LIFE FOREVER ,, GOOD BY IM GOOD ,, IM JUST AS I WAS THe GIRL who WOULD NOT FALL HELPLESSLY ,,,, IM the ONE WHO WOULD ALWAYS BE SURVISED !! YEAH , IM THE ONE WHO WOULD NOT FALL DOWN FOR EARTHLY STUPIDNESS !! IM GOOD Yeah IM WELL ,, you are just blank in my past ,, , SORRY YOU CANT BE MY ONE !! GOOD BYE FOREVER,, YEAH IM GOOD !! ...


  1. Yeah!!! Never give it Up! We are the gilrs who would Not Fall helplessly. Cheers 4 You. Long Life !! N lets find new love that wonderful than before :)

  2. Really appreciate the efforts put in by you friend... too good and worth reading.. :)

    M still confused, y people fall in love.... Even i did, but dont know why... :) Please continue the flow of ideas madam... Keep them evergreen.... :)

  3. Go Girl!! u deserve the best of the best...Allah bless u!!