Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phases Of Love

When i was a child, i drawn an angel's wish in my small mind, to dresse with a white wedding dress and walk by ,, but i was just a child dose not understand why like to dress in white ... I was a child an my heart was pure as white and nothing was in my mind just to dress in white ,, day by day my wish fade by .. i found my own self grow up and playing with my dolls was not feeding my new mind,,, im seven years now and walking to school became my another world,, i passed year by year and blessed my parents,, with every year passed by i was grow up and also my mind ,, when i became 12, child inside me started to mild ,, now im not child but i wished to buy pets, dolls and play with kids and miss to be a child ... When i became eighteen my chidhood wish started grow in my heart not only in mind ,, and dress with white didnt mean to me same as when i was a child ,,, i drawn your visage in my heart not only my mind , i searched for you around and at my books' lines useless i could find,,, now im tweenty_one but love didnt visit my world ,, i fed up but who came ? Oh my God my heart is beating in my ribe so wild,, is it love? Or just a thristy dream visit my heart, my soul and my mind,, is it you who was drawn in my small mind ? Is it you who grow up with me all these years since i was a child.. Is you who created by My God to be my soul mate , my love , my everything in my small world ? First time my eyes met yours i believed that you would be walk by .we pass by. my dream come true when with I love you ,,, Oh i love also to dress in white

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