Friday, January 30, 2009

Hopes of meet.

Uh huh, listen to me .. I never stop hope of meet you again and again.. Listen to me, to God I'm praying without stop to make our meeting soon as soon as possible. and Pretty more than a pair of geese dancing at a lake at dark night while moon light falling and playing on the peacy lake .. I'm waiting for you still , my heart dancing for you in my rib still... My eyes searching on yours ones still .. Never think that my love which i use all my heart to it is gone when you 'v gone... Don't think that my eyes forget ur face even for a while not .. Don't believe that my heart to another man beated once ! Don't mind if i tell you that i never live for myself but i live for you my sweetheart day by day .. Don't think that my heart beats to live anymore but its still battling and beating in hope to meet you one day .. Don't mind if i tell you that my soul separated from my body when you've gone ... Yeah my love, time runs .. Days go .. But don't believe your love in my heart stops but it's getting wild and deep more and more day by day ... Your scent on my breaths as it was still ... Your whispers as music at my ears play every moment still ... Don't mind if i tell you that i kiss your picture a thousand thousands times ... Don't mind if i tell you that in dreams' world i sink with you every day... My love, don't think that its late to back to my hugs one day... Don't think that time is gone ... My heart for you is home .. I'm waiting for our meet till my day come .. Im pretty waiting for this magic day... i love you

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