Friday, January 30, 2009

Whats Wrong?

Once he said to her : you are my heroine , you are my love , you are my life that's why I like my life , that's why im a live ,bla bla bla .. Once he said to her : you are my baby Don't cry babe , your tear is very predicate for me .. Don't be sadRelax, Relax, you are with me and im with you .. Me and you can make impossible possible .. We can do kick earth by one knock .. Don't afraid im beside you. Be hopeful ,, im your hero .. I'm your hero .. These words captured girl's head but something was hurting ,, something was hard life ... Something was he and she were on devil earthboth of they were angels and kids .. Both of they were guided by what's we name it pure love ! She was a girl ! But with kid heart ,, she was a girl ... Hey Girl, scream ! but don't feel sad ... That is life .. That is lifeA sound was crying at her ear and saying you are my heroine , you are my love ! She cried where are you ? I'm lonely and sad ! Why are you leaved me down that's way ? Why aren't you listening my heart's crying ?He was also lonely and sad ! His heart was crying but his head was trapped by cunning of the life .. That is life , that is life .. One heart is broken into tow parts..Once she said to him .. I'm not belonging to your world .. My soul is captured by angels world .. My soul wants to stable in her true place .. I'm not belonging to your earth .. I'm just a girl with kid heart no more no less .. She said these words but her heart was crying " I WANT TO BEAT AND BEAT, im ALIVE ..She got use to fly to dreams' world .. She got use to live that's way but something was hurting her .. Life is hard ! Life is hard ! .. Don't cry .. My heart you are strong ,, keep on , keep on .. That is life , that is lifeOnce she asked God .. Give me strong to go on .. Don't leave me God i need you to stand by me .. I need you to face that bloody earthWake up girl ,, dont mind at all .. That was a nightmare ..

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