Monday, February 23, 2009

Short Story .. Untitled ..

.... On 20th Dec/1990. At winter cold days ... She woke up on an alarm tune. She looked at o'clock, It was 7:05 am. She rose up from her bed hardly, her sight droped on the mirror was in her room, she walked toward it .. She gazed at the mirror , she was with bronze silky face , brown eyes with full lips.. she saw in mirror another woman . It's me? asking herself.. She didnt believe what she saw,,she looks older now . Even she was around 35 years old but her eyes were having same brightness and shine which she ever have.. "Oh God "! she cried in anger while she was looking at the lines under her eyes which are signs of getting old. she wished to back younger again, She tried to pull out these lines, but thats life phases, child, teenger, adult then old, at last kissing the death .. Suddenly she heared a sound comes from neighborhood. She rushed toward the window to see whats going around. She pulled the curtains, sun fall its bright rays through her room's window. She didnt believe what she was seeing.. Her heart started beating so fast and she felt a pain in her stomach. it was same man who she saw three days ago.. She watched him as she was watching a painting , she watched him till he disapeared ..her room's door is opened, "morning mama ".. She greeted her mama.. Darlin huged her daughter and droped a light and soft kiss on her face , she looked at Elina , its already a big girl. Its 9 years old. It was a live copy of her papa. Days passed so fast and soft, she thinked ,seconds of silent passed away, she remembered her husband , He was her 1st and only love .. They were so happy .. She remebered 1st meeting , 1st time they confessed their love , 1st hug , 1st kiss... She remembered the way which her heart was beating when they were meeting and a pain in her stomach, she remembered how much they were happy when she was pregrant in Elina .again her room door is knocked . It was the servant she added "someone is knocking the door , he is asking about you madam".. "Okay , i will be there within 5 mins.". she replied. She went down stairs .. "Oh , its He.. What is he doing here on my door step ? What he is asking for ?", She wondered.. she was about to step fast toward him but she controled herself.. "Morning".. said greating her." Morning".. she replied him." Is that mr. Adam department?" . He asked.. "no and added Mr. Adam is the next door to the left". She replied. "Oh, sorry. I missed adress.. Thanks for helping..he said.. Thats ok, she replied . Im Sam , the new rinter and your new nieghbor so soon. Me darlin , nice to meet you .. Nice to meet he replied with warm smile. Good bye .. Good bye...She watched him till he disapeared at Mr. Adam home.. She got in her home to have breakfast with her daughter. At 7:30 she left home to driving her car as everyday with Elina to drive her at school . She was driving while her past was playing at her mind as a tape of events before her eyes. She remebered the accidant which took her husband away from her and Elina , her tears blust on her checks. She remembered that hard time as its live now.. She didnt meet any man after her late husband . She was wondering whats wating her? Is she in love with the new rinter? She was scaring what its life hiding to her.. Mama we reached school. Elina said with a cute smile. She looked at her daughter. She hugged her so tightly, She kissed her.. She thanked God for giving Elina to her. Elina gave her strong again. She thought that she must be strong. She must never give up and never feel down . She must straggling for Elina, she must do her best . Car is stoped near school's door. Elina got out the car ,, Bye mama .. Bye darling , Love you ... Darlin drived in her way to her office ... She was ready to face what are waiting her ! She did't know what life hiding to her but she was sure that she will do impossible for Elina. She stoped her car ,then, she walked to her office with her usual smile ...