Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thanks My Glasses

Easy Comes , Easy Gose!
Yeah, how easily my heart is became yours but how impossible is to get it back! Every infection has an injection, Every start has an End, people bron, people die, some simle, some cry, some watch moon at night and some fly to visit it , Then , why your love entered my heart and touched my soul and my mind so badly as awhole but it did not get enought of me , may be just after my heart dose not beating anymore ! Im a TIRED , Just a minute. im searching for sleep to close my eyes and to give my body a rest for a while, but i can not get it, where are you my goods friends or in other word where are you sleep tablets? Oh, thanks sleep tablets, you can a little bit help ,, I addicated you and i hope that you won't get bored in my body and you would keep work ... my Eyes are crying damnly without stop! Just a minute. Please, Give me a tissue paper, i wanna weep my tears drops on My GLASSES. Sorry my GLASSES you must help too, you must be patience on my eyes' flood , Its LOVE SICK ! Thanks my GLASSES, i would mention that in my daily notebook! Let me check my memory, is it still work? let me check out what i learnt in school, one plus one is two, earth moves in circle movemment aroud sun, water boils at 100 C and human being breathe oxygen . all of Mathematic, medicine and sciences have basics and theories but why love got out of normal? Why dose love related with craziness not with a logical thoery? Why i didnt pass love exims at love school ? why at 1st lessen i got DISMISS ? Why i droped in one side love trap? Please medicine , could you help? Pull out my heart and give me new one ? Earse him in my brain center and let me have a rest !. Please life, don't mind , if i asked you to stop this shit ! Why did love touch me so badly and did tease me so badly ? Please life give me an adimt to get wings to fly to another planet ! To search other home , may be i will get a REST !

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  1. Good writing but need some correction of word spelling like gose, simle, bron etc. . . I think you'll notice that :)