Friday, February 20, 2009

When I Hug You

Nothing is impossible when im with you , Nothing is matter baby just being with you ,,, No time , No place , No one just you & me ... Yesterday has gone and its early to mention tomorrow , No matter baby im with you now ! take my eyes , take my heart , take my life and give a hug ,,, when i hug you , snow melt , floods blust , earth stop moving around sun and my heart turns from left to right ! When i hug you , sun shines after a long dark night to fill my heart with hope tune again and again after centuries of sarrow !
When i hug you , spring sit in after a long scary winter , trees clothe with green , flowers rise up to beauty every inch in the earth readiness for celebrating with merry music ! When i hug you , i put off all masks , i get free from all chains and obstacls which suffocate me and imprison me ... When i hug you , the soul returns to my body and the blood flow up into my veins ...
When i hug you , my eyes hugs yours ones to sink in yours deeply , my face kisses yours one softly and my hands search your ones to believe that you are mine, because when im with you, i born in love with you again, i feel myself as a baby between your arms , i search myself in you, i search peace, love and saftey in you to rest forever ... When i hug , the space between reality and fancy disapear and touching the stars turns simply into truth .. Everything is possible when you are by my side .. Thanks God, thanks sky , thanks earth,Thanks LOVE ... Oh baby let me thank you for being my SOUL TWIN in love