Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Have Right to Dream . .

As a butterfly flys then flys for a long time to drope its own pair of wings on a beautiful flower to steal a rest ,,, i was flying and flying in my own kingdom , i've sit under an old tree's shadow to give to my space a rest... A pair of birds fall down on an oasis to full thier thirest. I droped my back side by side with that kind tree to have a rest as i droped all my dreams in hopes ocean to come ture within mintues, i lost at an ocean of vesions,, i saw every thing nice,, angels fly at every place,, every spot was full of spirit, beauty of nature, blue and pure sky gave to my soul a sprit to go with spell world, i saw angels comming toward me with a magic quitar and started playing a holy music with a pleasure, i was lonely there, no earthy creatures there, silent was only what i Could not break, i heared air movment move on ,here all that gave me a dizzy, i needed you to be by side, my tears roled on my checks, i missed you to be with me as past ,i was so tired to think why you are so far as a star at dark sky, I fall a sleep for some time,, i lost for some time,oh yeah i've lost, It was an amazing night, we were side by side, you have hugged me so tight, we danced and danced under moon light, you've told me what i ever want to hear, my heart was dancing in my ribe, i was flying for a while and dancing for a while, i forget my burden for a while, we were toghter for some time, that time i was as butterfly ,, you've caught my heart between your hands ,,yeah that is my love,, sorry i woke up, why i woke up ? i couldnt see you here,, sorry all that was a dream, our meet was just a dream,,how much i did hope that dream never ever have an end ! Yeah i did

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