Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Want To Live My Childhood again

At Iraq We Born men and women . . I born a woman ,, I didnt live my childhood as every child in my land , I didnt get a doll , i wished ever to hug it and sleep .. I woke up on sounds of bombs , kill and losses. My father hardly i found him when i need to be in my side, he was a vistor attending home at off from his militarly duty , he was a soldier holding in his hand a gun and in his heart a killing love for land and for us . . While my mother wasnt only mother but father also .. On 1990, year of war, fear, tears, sucrifice and hard momments,, it was a cloudy morning, i had my breakfast and got ready to walk out to my school, i was 7years old as it was my 1st days at school, my mama sent me with my next door girls.. Before we reached school a clashes occured and guns bullets speared at everywhere around us,, that momment i blust into cry as well as did my friends, we run away in our way back home, view of blood, sounds of bullets , sounds of our screams and crying were surrendering me, i felt as im not a child anymore, i didnt stop crying but something inside me woke up , made me know whats war , whats fear and how much life is tough and hard , i closed my eyes and my ears for everything i run to my home , yeah, i reached home, my mama was waiting me and scare was on her eyes , she hugged me and we inter together to our home, i left my home a child and return it a woman ! . . .


  1. me too
    I was born in the mid Al Qadisiya war in 1984 so the first sound i listen bomb and first word was :
    أجه الخميني وانجبح قوز قزح قوس قزح
    واتذكر نهاية الحرب عندما شاهدت الاطلاقات النارية يوم 8-8-1988 وكنت خائفا من كثرة الطلقات التي تملئ السماء فسألت والدي لماذا هذه الطلقات النارية ؟ فقال لان الحرب قد انتهت !!!
    منذ ذلك اليوم وانا اشعر اني ولدت في مكان خطأ فكيف يكون الاحتفال بنهاية الحرب بالاطلاقات النارية والزفاف كذلك وتشييع الموتى كذلك
    بعدها كانت الحروب امر والحصار
    ولا ازال اذكر ان اول يوم لي في المدرسة غنينا نشيد "بوش بوش شيل ايدك هذا الحجي ما يفيدك"
    وبقيت لعدة سنوات اظن ان هذا هو النشيد الوطني وان كل طالب في العراق يجب ان يقرأه في الصباح
    والمأساة طالت جدا وزادت مرارة
    وهي الى اليوم في زيادة
    اسف للاطالة

  2. Life never easy :( sumtime we saw how nice if we cn live at another place but in fact for another persons, their life is hard too. :)