Tuesday, March 3, 2009


..... Sun gives light and heat,,, moon and stars less the darkness of nights. Right? flowers beauty gardens and fields,,, everyone need a warm hug and a tinder words. Right? Mama, you gives me all that a twice! Mama, you are so nice. can i tell you i like you so much? Mama, im so tired today, i need you to be by my side,,, give me your caring advice... Mama, mama, i need you so much !! I wanna cry between you arms, hug me so tight,,, im so tired, Why tears like my eyes??! why life is so hard ??!
Oh mama, thanks for your warm hug, how a kind you are ! your hug is so warm, i'm okey now, my burden is gone... Please, don't worry mama, im a big girl nowdays, why do you always think of me as a child? When winter sit in at my year! When tears clean my eyes! When i feel so weak, you always who weep my tears, you always who give me power to get up again,, you give to my eyes light,, you guide me to right way,, you give to my life warm... Mama, you know? i always afraid darkness?? It always remind me of my weakness. why when i fall behind sadness's bars, i see tears in your eyes? why you always like to see me smile?
You know mama, something changed my life? someone got in my life? Mama, don't worry anymore, im not a little girl anymore, already im in love with someone seems so nice, may be he will weep my tears, may be he will hug me so tight... Don't worry mama, everything will go all right.. Hush mama now, just hug me so tight, i wish to rest between your arms! I love you so much ...

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