Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh, Yes For Love

As childs run on green fields ,,, we run and run so fast ,,, both of us collected a bunch of colorful flowers to beauty our necks with necklace we made to both of us ..... I'v put my small hand in yours one to run with you and run so fast ,,, till our breathes cut and droped our bodies on grass to get rest ,,, hiding under a tree's shadow in middle the forest ,,, sun falling its ray on tree above us ,,, Brids resting on trees and bushes ,,, sun rising on green fields ,,, blue and pure sky watching the beauty of nature around us ,,, butterflies dancing on flowers ,,, our hearts are dacing in our ribes ,,, pairs of birds, flowers ,,, trees ,,, green grass ,,, beauty nature and weather all are sining , dancing and enjoying on music of our hearts... angels are praying and watching both of us ..... As a couple of childs Roling on wet grass ,,, roling and roling to mature on wet grass and get wet ,,, all of sudden ,,, woke up both of us ,,, our eyes is opened to see ourself not kids ,,, both of us are ready to test new world of love ,,, every part of ours dancing, singing, crying and asking us to get close to touch secrets of love, to test sweetness of life .... Our eyes got up to see we are not kids,, Is that love which mature us or love woke up childhood inside us ,,, we run as kids and we pass towenty six ,,, were us kids and we are twenty six or we were adults and love return us into kids? wake up, wake up, yes wake up , oh yes, wake up ,,, that is love ,, lets never waste it ,,, lets all celeberat for love, love, yes love , Oh yes For LOVE ....


  1. Yes, lets celebrate for love and say yes for love cause till the end of this world only love ll be long-lasting.. :)