Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love At Teen Age!

..... When she was younger. Maria was used to write her daily life's events day by day, but nowdays the rush of life and busy days, she did not get time to do that anymore. while she was searching in her things, she found her daily notebook. she caught it and started paging it and smiling. her sight droped on a note was written in red ink, It was her craziness at a few years late.. Hehe, it was teenger's green vesion and rushness. She had written there i will never stop loving you Aby, name of her and Aby with broken heart , Maria and Aby love forever . What a crazy i was! She though, she conituned thinking, all that is already a past, nowdays, even i can not remeber anything of him nor the colors of his eyes too ! Always we think that after we lost our lover it would be the end of life on this earth! we let this nagative notions imprison ourselves but something in our side call us to keep on life and not give up of live, we crys for days and keep think in that love to realise later that it was just mirage and it was not a true love, it was just a craziness, we laught and we keep laught on that later when we remeber those days, as i already did. Maria was thinking and trying to remeber anything of Aby, and she started wondering, is he married? Has babies? Is he got nice wife or a wife who cut his bearths. Hehe or he still can not forget me, Hehe. Maria, Maria , a sound was calling her, she really like that sound, its john's lovely voice, her sweartheart and her amazing husband. nowdays she is living a happy love life with John and their son luka, nine months old, sometime they agrue but later they laught and luaght.. Mmm, John? Did you prepared luka's milk bottle? you know,today is sunday and we have to attend your friend's marrege party.. oh yeah, how i forget that? John replied..and added so you most get ready to company me this time, okay sweetie ?. Yeah honey, Im so intersting to attend this party, i realy do like to see that couple, i listened that they were in love since they were kids.. Yeah yeah, all friends are wondering how they met again and they in love yet. He replied.. Hehe no matter sweetheart me and you were not know each other just after we met five years ago at market and there started our big love story, do you rember? Maria said to John with cute smile, her eyes were shining when she was looking at John's eyes. John hugged her and added yeah, sure i do remeber and our love will be so for ever. A sound came from next room, this time , it was luka's crying, both of them rushed into him....
Its 9:25 , both of John and Maria were ready to join party. They enjoyed and had fun there, suddenly Maria saw nice couple laughting and having fun on next table. Oh!, she shocked, is that Aby? She wondered. Oh he looked happy with his wife or may be she was his girlfriend. Meeting Aby remind her of her craziness again when she was teenger. Aby now is just a past , its just a man as other men around her, nothing special, John and Luka are everything in her life, she was thinking...
After party is finished. Maria and John reached home at midnight after spending good time at party.They were very tired, John slept deeply while Maria was watching him and smiling, he is her amazing babe, she droped a warm kiss on his check and huggend him and she slept.

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