Friday, March 6, 2009

Real Love

Real love survives,,, it gives bright to eyes,,, it gives warm to heart. real love dismiss all scare!,,, dismiss all uncare....
Real love is so nice,,, it gives meaning to life,,, it gives nice to nice... where love is found, there is God to bless ... Where love is born ,there is an angel smile, Love always deal with rose, music and good words.. I love you is so musician word, even lips hugs each other to mention this word... love deals with passions and eyes and control all senses... when words go away,,, language of eyes play,,, every thing shut up and music of heart is paly.. So, do you think that love can die? Nope, love is found to live,,, Real love sack all scare,,, Real love sack all unfair... Real love survives,,, it gives magic colors to life,,, it gives pair of wings for fly... Love can not be buy or sell,, love is free for all, it gives and never ask for pay...
If you try love, you will know about what i already said.


  1. its my first visit to your are so good in writing,may be because it is getting out from the deep feelings.
    keep blogging.
    a blogger from iraq

  2. btw,a song by massari caleed real love check this